Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is really my hobby. I love taking pictures of people and even though photography is part of my everyday job I see this as a different challenge. I simply enjoy the reaction of the person, as most people do not think that they take a good picture. My favourite image is the one above, of one of my oldest friends Jill. She does not like to have her picture taken but her love of vintage clothes helped me get an image that she was happy with. The image was taken in my dining room which has great light for portrait photography. It is painted in "Downpipe" by Farrow and Ball. I love this colour, it is not quite blue or grey and is surprisingly very warm. The room is naturally dark and by painting it a dark colour it has made it seem much larger. It is difficult to make a dark space light, so I believe you just have to go with it, be bold and make a dramatic statement. Dark walls are also great to show off your paintings and prints. 

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